Real Estate Evaluator

Evaluator tool is designed to cover the end to end evaluation process for real estate types such as residential, commercial or industrial properties. System provides the necessary tools to achieve accurate results and benchmarks. It can be integrated with Loan Origination and Collateral Management in order to have a complete solution.

Fully covered evaluation process

ApPello Real Estate Evaluator manages valuation requests, orders and valuation reports. The tool allows the option to create personalized workflows specific to product, client segment or to risk level. Solution has a built in rule engine, which automatically assigns the task to the respective unit, or to the appraisal company. Package orders are also supported to simplify accounting process and the end of period financial settlement. Valuation process is monitored by the system to measure through-put-time and available capacity.

Multiple calculation methods

ApPello solution comes along with a simple parameter management feature to support complex calculation grids. Power users can define and maintain business rules in Excel worksheets. Any later update of business parameters require a simple upload of such Excel template. As a best practice, the solution allows the following calculation methods: Market value comparison, DCF method and cost based approach. Evaluator tool automatically helps in filtering the orders and hence manages the relation with the external suppliers.

Mobile and Tablet support

The ApPello Real Estate Evaluator is supported by any device the customer chooses to use. Customer experience and services are available across all channels. In case of using mobile/tablet device, location details are presented in Google Maps and system offers the user to fill out address details. In addition application provides analyses on average, maximum and minimum real estate prices in a certain area based on location details. Information from previous processes can be reused as comparable for the new valuation reports.


Demo request

Demo request

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