1 Digital Lending

The flagship product-line of ApPello covers all phases of the lending process, from the loan application to the debt collection process. With the help of flexible and easy-to-use graphical tools, administration can be radically reduced, time-to-market can be shorter which allows more opportunities for further innovations.


2 Smart Banking

Gain more customers, than the others, with a smart banking solution which stands out from the other core banking solutions. ApPello Smart Banking System is an open and unified core banking solution for optimizing the back-office processes to be more efficient. The solution covers Current account maintenance, Deposit and Loan account management and the whole Loan risk and process management for all client segments.

3 Cash Optimization

Lean back and enjoy the way the system works by itself for you. ApPello Cash Optimization solution is creating an automatic, cost-optimized transportation plan that keeps cost the lowest possible while keeping liquidity and other KPI’s. The solution works with effective methodologies of forecasting to provide estimation for all cashpoints to create an optimized transport plan.

4 Trade Finance

Imagine a system which can handle all events in connection with export or import letters of credit, letters of guarantee and documentary and clean collections. ApPello Trade Finance System not only makes these complex transactions transparent and smooth but also release significant time for trade finance professionals.

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