Loan Origination
ApPello Loan Origination System supports the whole loan process from customer loan application to disbursement. Solution offers a seamless digital journey for customers and quick time of yes. Loan Origination process is highly flexible and hence able to comply with various needs of Large corporate, SME, Retail, Specialized lending and Consumer finance segments. The Solution is built on ApPello Digital Platform, which provides the flexibility for creating new or maintain existing loan origination workflows. As part of the implementation: business flows, screens and print-outs will be tailored according to the needs.
  • Enables iterative processes of multiple departments involved
  • Features to manage economically interlinked clients
  • Support complex product and collateral structures, or credit limits
  • Simplifies covenant management and monitoring
  • Comes along with an integrated Workflow engine to ensure quick time-to-decision and time to disbursement
  • Monitors and reports on process efficiency and on resource usage
  • Users are guided through the process steps in an intuitive way
  • A built-in rule engine enables the Bank to adjust credit policies and business rules
  • Captures merchant and point of sales management including commission calculation
  • Supported with configurable frontend and configurable workflow tools
  • Can be built in current net bank, or as additional module
  • Key Features
    • workflow support for client segments/product types
    • wide set of key performance indicators
    • integrated self-service portal
    • ’front-end’ app to distribute loan applications from different sales channels

    1 Digital journey of customers

    ApPello Loan Origination System helps to create a deeper engagement between the bank and it’s customers through their digital journey where they can continuously be informed about the current status and next steps of the loan application (notification in SMS, email or mobile app message). As the whole process is digitally covered, process managers are supported with enhanced waterfall and churn analysis. Additional benefit is that all steps are handled digitally without time-consuming personal meetings and unnecessary appointments. ApPello supports automatic system decisions based on pre-defined business rules, such as pre-screening, automatic scoring, collateral eligibility or disbursement conditions.

    2 Handles any type of loan

    Retail loans, which demand quick time-to decisions and time-to disbursements, can be easily handled in the ApPello Loan Origination System which has strong monitoring part to report the process efficiency and the resource usage. Users are guided through the process steps and thanks to the built-in rule engine, credit policies and business rules can be freely adjusted to the actual business requirements. Beside the simple credit applications, the system can support the whole process of the non-standardized corporate loans. There are user friendly features to help manage economically interlinked clients, complex product and collateral structures or credit limits. With the help of the process manager tools recurring and parallel processes can be managed for multiple users working on the same credit application at the same time.

    3 Lean “manufacturing”

    ApPello Digital Platform provides an integrated Document Management System that can generate template-based documents needed throughout the process, including client information sheets, proposal documentation, decision documentation, contracts etc. The Flexibility Toolset enables to create and change business logic, including new data fields, screens, workflows, business rules and reports by configuration. The workflow engine, the central element of the system makes the loan origination process faster and transparent. There is a built-in task allocation function that supports the management of holidays, substitutions within a workgroup.

    4 Involvement of agents

    However, it is more common that the first contact with the client happens on a digitalised way (web, mobile, chatbot) which reduces the length and difficulty of the process and makes it much more user-friendly, in some special cases it is necessary to involve third party contributors. With ApPello Loan Origination due to easily parameterizable screens and processes, it is possible to create a user interface for external parties such as agents or dealers. System unites parties within and beyond the organizational boundaries enabling a decentralized content management, by which information is always up-to-date. Solution is secure and complies with the standard IT security requirements.
    Smart Banking System
    ApPello’s Core Banking System is a perfect tool to handle clients, accounts, loans and deposits effectively.
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