Cash Optimization
ApPello Cash Optimization solution is responsible for cash movements forecasting (deposits and payouts) to and from branches / ATMs, creating an automatic, cost-optimized transportation plan that keeps cost the lowest possible while keeping liquidity and other KPI’s.
The solution works with proven effective methodologies of forecasting to provide estimation for all cashpoints based on historical data and to create an optimized transport plan.
The monitoring function compares the forecasted and the real traffic and in case of significant difference calculates the probability of going out of cash until the next planned transport every 15 minutes and proposes an emergency transport if needed. The ROI can be planned with the data trial provided by ApPello.
Key Features
  • Optimized overall costs
  • automated forecasting
  • Self learning functions


The Cash Management module centralizes all information about cash requests (including announced client and branch requests and the forecast if the module is available), handles the creation and approval of cash transports by denominations as well as supports the processes of the transportation, including cash counting, bagging and handover procedures. The system is able to manage non-bank operated depository management, rejected and suspected counterfeit banknote management, currency information.


Cash Forecasting is the part of Cash Optimization that prepares a traffic forecast for each cash point (branch, ATM, …) per day for both cash-in and cash-out directions for a period of a couple of weeks, including the intra-day distribution of forecasted transactions. This is done by high tech mathematical algorithms, that use historical transactional data and recognize patterns within the data set. A selection of algorithms is available and each of them can be fine-tuned by each cash point to give optimal accuracy.


Based on the forecast and the actual stocks, the Transport Optimization function prepares a transport plan. This algorithm considers all cost factors of cash management, i.e. the lost interest on the cash stock sitting in the branch or ATM, transportation cost, cash handling and insurance costs to find the transport option (when and how much) with the lowest cost while keeping liquidity of the cash point and respecting constraints of transport order deadlines, transport capacities as well as KPI’s like for example ATM cashback level.


ApPello generally undertakes to run a simulated Cash Optimization scenario for interested banks. In case of having provided 1-1.5-year historical transactional data for a limited number of cash points, ApPello Cash Optimization engine can simulate the last month of the data available with actual transactions and simulated optimized transportations and thus cash stocks. Comparing the actual costs incurred vs. simulated a good prediction of the potential savings can be provided and relatively accurate ROI can be calculated. Simulations within the System are also made available for the banks to test effects of changes on cash costs.
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