Branch Teller
The ApPello Branch Teller application provides solutions for the complex needs related to cashier services and cash management.
In addition to the traditional teller functionality, the application also offers various other services that a modern financial institution
organizing its work processes to a high standard is likely to expect.
Key Features
  • End-to-end transaction process
  • Teller / Vault stock responsibility
  • Denomination handling
  • Client transaction package
  • wide-range exchange rate management
  • advanced management of fees and commissions

1 Functionality

The functionality of the Branch Teller system is very rich and highly transparent for the user, the individual processes can be tracked easily. The implementation is prepared to work with an online link to the core banking system, which means that the branch teller’s cash turnover is reflected in the bank’s central files in the shortest possible time.

The functions managing the general banking cash turnover constitute the central part of the system, and these are supplemented by other cashier, depository and logistic activity related services.


The additional functions complete our solution, which is unique in its functionality, flexibility and – due to the technology applied – in its ability to interface with other systems. The workflow support and the flexible reporting tool provided by the solution make the everyday work smooth. ApPello Branch Teller also covers the registration and forwarding/posting of transactions, the management of signature cards and the handling of central money counters, TCD / Twin safe and other hardware. The solution helps the Bank with advanced cash management module, which is available separately as well.

3 The system supports the following transactions

  • Cash Bill Payments and Credit Cards Payments
  • Cheque Withdrawal
  • Cash withdrawal & FX Withdrawal
  • Exchange Cash
  • Buy/Sell Traveller’s Cheques
  • Cash Movement in the Branch (Teller to Teller, Teller to Vault, Teller from Vault)
  • Cash Balance and Branch Closure at the end OR any time during the working hours
  • Branch Journals and Control reports

4 Features supported by the ApPello Branch teller

  • Cash related Transactions/Functions
  • 1-1, 1-N, N-1, M-N, Dr/Cr Transactions’ types
  • Reassignment for active Transactions between Tellers
  • Paperless Transactions
  • Teller/Users limit management
  • Denominations management
  • Remote approval decisions via mobile devices
  • Integration with CRM to provide 360 customer view and enable cross-sell offerings.
  • Integration with the 3rd party services and solutions such as:
      • Signature Verification and the Digital Voucher/Finger Vein (Biometric)
      • Teller Cash Recyclers
      • Queuing System
Cash Optimization product offers solution for the management of physical cash to save administration time and reduce operational costs
ApPello’s Core Banking System is a perfect tool to handle clients, accounts, loans and deposits effectively
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