Unsecured Retail
Loan Origination
Unsecured Retail
Loan Origination

Unsecured Retail
Loan Origination System

Retail loans, which demand quick time-to-decisions and time-to-disbursements, can be easily handled in the ApPello Loan Origination System

The solution has integrated customer front-end, with client-onboarding functionality.  The ApPello Loan Origination Solution also contains strong monitoring features, to support tracking  process efficiency and resource usage.

Product Details

Users are guided through the process steps and, thanks to the to the built-in workflow engine and connected Decision Engine, credit policies and business rules can be freely adjusted to the actual business requirements.
The ApPello Loan Origination System is an effective tool for quick reaction to retail market changes and for improve the time-to-decision, time-to-money KPIs.

To reduce onboarding churn rates, clients can be guided through the process step-by-step. Our solution can improve time-to-decisions and time-to-money KPIs.

Capabilities &

Front-End for different channels - client, agent, branch

fully automated online workflows with Identity check & e-Signature

Built-in rule engine and Decision Engine for quick business reactions

End-to-end origination process -From acquisition to monitoring

Accessible on desktop, tablet and smartphone

Performance management monitoring and reporting tools

Prompt reaction to market needs - easy to adjust credit policies and business rules

Short time-to-market with easy configuration

Cost reduction with optimised processes

Monitoring and reporting tools ensure process efficiency for lower operational and credit risk

Shorten origination processes through the use of automation, document management and integrations

Advanced customer experience for clients and bank users


The ApPello Loan Origination System covers the lending process from the first interaction with prospects to disbursement and the whole credit lifecycle (including waivers, prolongation, restructuring, termination and monitoring) is supported by embedded standard Camunda BPM within ApPello’s platform.

This solution unifies client onboarding, loan origination, credit workflow, risk and decision processes and any related loan administration. The modular solution has successfully been implemented in complex banking environments.

End-to-End support of
the whole Retail Loan process




  • Register client in CRM
  • Sign up/ Sign out
  • Login & Password management



  • Portal for customers and agents
  • Product selection
  • Informing clients
  • Documents



  • Repayment plan and APR calculation
  • Covenant handling
  • Checking KO criterias



  • Set up configurable scorecards (optional)
  • Limit calculation
  • Track scoring result
  • Initial repayment plan


Decision making

  • Track decision results
  • Integration to Credit bureau, TAX database
  • Decison administration



  • Document checklist
  • Contract generation
  • Signature



  • Configurable disbursement conditions
  • Checking conditions


Early Warning & Monitoring

  • Soft/Hard collection support
  • Early Warning option

After care

After care

  • Up/Cross-sales opportunities
  • Waivers
  • Prolongation
  • Restructuring
  • Termination

Unsecured LOS

ApPello Digital Loan Origination System is supported by the following critical components to support the end to end loan processing:

  • Loan application management
  • Workflow management
  • Pre-screening of applications
  • Covenant management
  • Document management
  • Product management
  • Limit calculation
  • Dynamic questionnaires, scorecards
  • Risk based pricing
  • Monitoring
  • Restructuring
  • Prolongation
  • Termination


ApPello Digital Loan Origination System can handle:

  • Cash loan
  • Credit card loans
  • Overdrafts
  • Commodity loans

Improved sales effectiveness
and customer satisfaction

The system ensures quick time-to-decision and time-to-money and provides a concise picture for the sales network, risk managers and back office with the aim of speeding up and automating lending. The solution provides flexibility in handling clients, loan products, workflows and business rules. Unique visualisation capabilities provide user convenience even for complex loan-collateral structures and scoring problems.

Business users can maintain and modify processes, as sequences can be changed or new steps added, flexibly without programming.

Customer engagement tools
to increase sales volume

The ApPello Customer Portal provides superior consumer experience with its modern and easy-to-use functions. It helps you to attract new customers as well as retain existing clients, with reduced operation costs. New customers can use the Public Customer Portal to calculate the rates and repayment conditions available to them.

This includes initial estimation for the monthly instalment amount, and the total sum of money to be repaid, as well as the interest rate and APR. Clients can compare the different loan types and decide which ones they are interested in. Registered clients can follow their loan request until disbursement or engage in chat through the portal.


The Decision Engine is seamlessly integrated through its APIs to the Loan Origination System.

The engine can work for pre-screening, classical scoring, rating, limit calculation and any additional decision points. It is capable to handle an unlimited number of different decision logics, which can differ by customer segment (including sub-segments), product, product variant, etc. The models can be different by product or client sub-segments.

Business rules and decision logic with graphical visualisation can be built and customised by the Bank’s employees with relevant roles, even without deep IT knowledge. 

Advanced front office options
and functionalities

Nowadays process digitalisation is key for mass retail processes. Retail loan origination processes can be highly automated for basic and common cases. Features such as the self-service onboarding and loan handling can facilitate new client acquisition, describe and update terms and conditions, or communicate with clients by messages/video-chat. This can all be managed through the integrated ApPello Onboarding. Thanks to our omnichannel approach, client onboarding can happen via tablet or smartphone.


Different (financial/non-financial) conditions are handled by the system. Covenants can be connected to loans, partners and workflows while every covenant belongs to a covenant type.

Based on the covenant definitions the system automatically generates the proper covenants for the loan origination process. However the users with proper roles can also add unique covenants during the process.

Documents &

The solution is integrated to a document management module for both generating and storing documents.

It handles any type of contracts. The contracts are generated automatically, it collects all relevant information to fill in every detail. Technically it is generated with the help of MS Word templates with macros.

Document management tools help to generate various documents based on templates and then auto-fills them with all relevant and available data in the system. This is a highly useful and time-saving tool in the loan origination process, used for preparing all of the paperwork needed in the process (loan proposals, contracts, notifications, statements, etc.). Digital signature supports the verification of contracts and agreements.

Built-in Excel spreadsheet
for efficient operations

ApPello provides unique feature of built-in excel component to help the work of the User, such as editing Excel forms in offline mode and create templates. If calculation logic is maintained in an Excel sheet, users doesn’t have to perform the calculations in an excel, and then fill the result in the system manually. With the help of integrated excel spreadsheets, calculation can be done in the system directly, therefore making it easier to calculate and maintain business calculations. Apart from business calculations the system’s business parameters can also be managed using excel.

over customization

ApPello Loan Origination System allows power users to flexibly manage and customize all lending related workflows for their full lifecycle. Any number of workflow types can be defined using the inbuilt editor interfaces. Different workflows can be created using different workflow steps by bank users without ApPello or IT team. The precondition and doneness criteria for all these workflows are also easily parameterizable. Depending on the actual parameters parallel tasks can be defined with the same or different assignees that can be performed in any given order.

Other Configuration opportunities:
  • Screen design
  • Dynamic fields
  • Additional business rules

100% API covered solution:
  • All business feature
  • Data manipulation


Apart from business calculations the system’s business parameters can also be managed using excel. System provides Excel import functions (10+) to maintain standard parameter rulesets in excel that can be audited and verified.

Most frequently used catalogues are as below:

  • Product catalogue
  • Covenant catalogue
  • Document type catalogue
  • Workflow step catalogue


Customizable dashboards, 360 Degree client- & history-overview supports decision making by displaying the most relevant information at a glance. As emails play an important role in SME and corporate lending process, ApPello offers an MS Outlook plugin. With this you can save your emails, and their attachment directly to clients, loans, or workflows with one click straight from your email client.


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helps financial institutes to attract, onboard and retain your customers in an ever-changing business environment while increasing operational efficiency.

Speed up and automate your decisions! It is a segment and product-independent solution that can handle various business-related decisions in a centralised platform, even the complex ones.

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