The ApPello Trade Finance System is the ideal front end and back end tool to support documentary transactions and all related events, covering both export and import. From letters of credit to bank guarantees and documentary collections, the system is trusted, user-friendly and flexible.

Product Details

ApPello Trade Finance System provides the highest-possible level of automation with its in-built SWIFT engine, correspondence and template handling, and well-defined workflows. These functions not only make complex transactions transparent and smooth but save significant time and effort, while reducing the operational risks.

Besides of the rich backend functionalities the system provides an excellent convenient Front-End for customers to access their transactions and communication options with the bank.


Complemented front-end and sophisticated back-end

Work flow driven L/Cs, Guarantees and Documentary Collections handling

Up to date SWIFT interface

Customisable fee packages

Improved process handling

Improved communication with related companies


ApPello’s cutting-edge Digital Platform offers full front- and back-end capabilities. From a customer portal to back office administration, the system offers the following:

  • Customers gain an outstanding communication with the customer: transaction issue, transaction changes, document upload, history.
  • Do you modify the product? Changes in the work flow configuration? Every change, is visible real time at the portal.
  • The system also allows users to configure screen layouts (on any channel), complete validations, and modify calculation rules or even the entire workflow.
  • Complying with upcoming regulations and business expectations has never been this easy: our platform’s flexibility makes it possible to configure fields and data tables without any further development.


The ApPello Trade Finance System is designed to support all events in connection with export or import letters of credit, letters of guarantee and documentary and clean collections. It also provides E2E workflow for all parties and departments involved.

process handling

With ApPello’s expertise, we designed a system which is simultaneously ready to support front-end and back-end processes. The whole lifecycle of any transaction can be handled by workflows, enhanced by advanced analytic options. Our solution covers every possible opportunity to improve and optimise trade finance processes.

Swift gets

The ApPello Trade Finance system complies with all SWIFT message formats for letters of credit, guarantees, and documentary collections. Incoming SWIFT messages are automatically processed from the moment they arrive. As a transaction is created, details of the message appear on the bank user’s dashboard as part of the workflow. The system automatically generates outgoing SWIFT messages as well.

Comprehensive handling
of all transaction types

The all-round support of all trade finance instruments means that, whether export or import, all possible scenarios are easily manageable. The functions of the system also extend to specialities such as back-to-back, standby, transferable or revolving letters of credit, and bills of exchange. Our system can process all payment types and all possible bank roles in the transaction.

Report & document
management assistence

Within the system, there is an advanced, template-based Advice and Report generation tool that can be easily customised. The templates, in terms of advice, report and document generation, are defined in the most widespread formats: The advice templates are in MS Word. The reports can be generated by the same template-based tool or back office users can export what they see on their own user interface in XLS or PDF. The system can store and retrieve all generated documents

fee structure

The solution is delivered with a highly configurable fee module. All types of fees can be set up and grouped into fee packages. This means it is possible to tailor conditions for a specific client or group of clients. Fees can depend on workflow steps and type of products; fee structures can be differentiated based on the transaction’s input values.


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