Thinking Back To Finovate Europe 2019

Author: Ádám Horváth (

One of the leading financial technology conferences in the world, FinovateEurope brought together this year 65 digital technology firms to demonstrate their innovative ideas and ground-breaking solutions.

ApPello has provided proudly the second year in a row a showcase on stage and proudly presents its Lending Helper and Lending Portal in the forefront of digital innovation. Please check our presentation for more details!

Before you jump-start and tirelessly re-watch all other 7 minutes demos we have prepared a brief overview of a few current major innovation trends in the fintech industry according to these presentations:

Go digital or die out

Even in 2019 there are certain business and geographical areas where digitalization has not yet been finished. There is a growing focus on providers that are capable of providing pre-integrated solutions and full scale Banking Platforms seamlessly and effortlessly eliminating the barriers between innovative, UX-oriented front-end solutions and outdated legacy systems. Self-service portals and innovative ways for engaging end-users become a must for onboarding and serving digital-first clients as well as traditionally old-fashioned business segments. Learn more about ApPello’s Lending Helper, Lending Portal and Loan Origination and achieve digital goals together!

Personalized customer experience is a must

Although a few financial institution may act like a dinosaur from a bygone era (you are certainly not if you are reading this article), customers need solutions to their problems and not for the banks. Banks can help them, however, through – amongst others – better product distribution (e.g. AI powered sales campaigns), personalized videos and offers, helping them making better investment decisions matching their risk tolerance, providing concierge-like services, handling their every-day life subscriptions in one place and a lot more.

Robots are not at our doors, we already let them in

Artificial intelligence and machine-learning are so frequently used buzzwords that virtually everybody tries to incorporate into their solutions. Let it be AI-driven scoring for better credit decisions, enhancing common fraud prevention techniques, helping investors making investment decisions or deploying virtual agents in call centres for human-like conversations, the options are limitless.

We are living in an open banking era

Instead of using a lot of separate and segregated applications customers tend to favour a few solutions for managing their everyday financial life, providing them a complete overview and helping them towards better decisions. Aggregating financial, non-financial and public administration records of the consenting customers and letting them control what they share for the full compliance of the PSD2 and GDPR initiatives is just the beginning. Solution specialists find ways to make the customers benefit with customized offers, detailed analytics and offering a wide-range of financial services.

Digital identity verification is more important than ever

In the era of the UX-first applications financial service providers cannot lay on their hands and let their customers face boring and unexciting forms for identity proofing, yet they need to provide strong security and state-of-the-art solutions for KYC (know-your-customer) and due diligence. Various forms of biometric authentication (e.g. face, fingerprint, even palm authentication), identity document scanning and ID matching are rapidly become a market standard for a frictionless customer on-boarding and servicing digital journey.

We at ApPello are passionate about providing real end-to-end lending solutions for financial service providers. See ApPello’s pre-integrated front-to-end lending solutions of the Loan Factory product line for details and learn more about success factors in the upcoming years. Go fully digital with us!


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