Smart Banking System
ApPello Smart Banking System is an open and unified core banking solution for optimizing the back-office processes to be more efficient. The CBS works up daily banking transactions and posts updates to accounts and other financial units.
The solution covers Current account maintenance, Deposit and Loan account management and the whole Loan risk and process management for all client segments. The connected front-end and inbuilt omnichannel capability makes the system able to communicate via different banking channels and the innovative platform lets the system to meet future business needs in the dynamic environment.
Thanks to its modularity and scalability the ApPello Smart Banking System is fully configurable and offers a comprehensive solution to financial institutions to reduce risk and make better outcomes available
Key Features

1 Core Banking features



ApPello Smart Banking System contains Client management (CRM), Current account management, Loan management (for Retail, Micro, SME and Corporate), Deposit handling and international payments. The system can be easily integrated to other modules like Treasury, Securities, Payments, Trade Finance and Regulatory reporting. Above these, the document and workflow handling are also available. Using ApPello Smart Banking System the Bank can set up a customer-based business model, simplified operations and at the same time manage risk and compliance effectively.

2 Extension to digital business processes

ApPello Smart Banking System allows flexible support for any device chosen by the customer to use to provide customer experience and services across all channels. This core banking solution can be integrated with any modules of the Loan Factory product line including front-end solutions at ease. Within ApPello’s core banking solution, business users are able to define new workflows even across different business modules.

3 Cost reduction

Using ApPello Smart Banking System the cost of maintenance and total cost of ownership can be reduced. Our strategy is the externalization of the functions, which makes it easy to reuse them in other modules and also enables a flexible adaptation to changing business needs. Another aim of ApPello is always create the possibility of modifications of the systems by the users, which results in significant cost savings and allows faster product introductions and process modifications instead of long development lead times thanks to the flexibility toolset of ApPello Digital Platform.






Branch Teller
The Appello Branch Teller application provides solutions for the complex needs related to cashier services and cash management
Trade Finance
ApPello Trade Finance System is designed to support all events in connection with export or import letters of credit, letters of guarantee and documentary and clean collections
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