Smart Banking System
ApPello Smart Banking System (SBS) is our core banking solution which covers all necessary back-office modules in order to serve your bank’s clients in every size, from retail to large corporate. The SBS out-of-the-box nurtures Current account maintenance, Deposit and Loan account management as well as Loan risk and process handling. Like any core banking system, our SBS seamlessly handles daily banking transactions and posts updates to financial units offering endless options for development and 3rd party integration.
Nowadays, efficiency is key for daily back-office operations at the same time continuous innovation and easy maintenance cannot be left out of focus. ApPello SBS is built of standard ApPello modules and prepared for fast scalability. This innovative, flexible and unified set of products will help your company face the actual and future challenges of the turbulent banking world.
It is fully configurable and offers a comprehensive solution to financial institutions to reduce risk meanwhile guaranteeing results. Our platform enables standard communication across different banking channels. This system is designed for exploiting in-built omnichannel capabilities and advanced front-end functionalities from scratch. With our SBS, for your team, meeting future business needs in any financial environment will be a walk in the park.
  • highly flexible solution
  • reduces time-to-market
  • end-to-end workflow support
  • 360 degree overview and monitoring
  • audit trail and reporting
  • Covers all necessary core banking processes
  • Easy scalability from micro to enormous client base
  • Modular structure –finetuning according to needs
  • Omnichannel approach
  • Outstanding set of tools for moderate expenses

1 Core Banking toolset

ApPello Smart Banking System is delivered with fully functional Client management (CRM), Current account management, Loan management (for Retail, Micro, SME and Corporate), Deposit and international payments handling. The solution easily blends into other modules like Treasury, Securities, Payments or even Trade Finance. Further features and extensions we offer are document and workflow handling on standard ApPello modules. ApPello SBS is the most advanced toolset for a XXIth century, smooth, customer-orientated banking experience.  Optimize your operations with our robust and up-to-date SBS and manage your risks and compliance effectively at the same time.

2 Omnichannel approach

Banking customer experience as well as internal staff user experience require omnichannel mind- and toolset. We designed our solutions with respect to mobile devices and classical corporate equipment.  This means our core banking solution is easy to set up with any imaginable digital interface. Our Loan Factory product line is fully compatible with SBS, so you can customize our Client portal suiting your bank’s customers’ mobile devices and desktop computers as well. Updating your staff’s daily routine and workflows -SBS can be set up on the bank’s restricted, verified in-house mobile devices. Inside our solution, business users are able to define and maintain workflows even across different business modules.

3 Cost reduction

Using ApPello Smart Banking System the cost of maintenance and the expenses of the various softwares can be dramatically reduced. In our DNA the cross-functionality is vital. This attitude guarantees easy workflow and data recycling across modules. We preserve flexibility and fast adaptation to various business needs. We always give the power users options to create and modify any workflows and databases, which results in significant cost savings and allows faster product introductions. Instead of long -term and fragmented software development utilize the power of ApPello Digital Platform!

4 Branch teller

The ApPello Branch Teller application provides solution for the complex needs of cashier services and cash management. As part of SBS, it helps the Bank with an advanced cash management module, which is also available as a separate product.

Various functions managing the general banking cash turnover constitute the central part of the system, and these are supplemented by other cashier, depository and logistic activity related services.

ApPello Branch Teller also covers the registration and forwarding/posting of transactions, the management of signature cards and the handling of central money counters, TCD / Twin safe and other hardware.



Decision Engine
ApPello Decision Engine is an efficient risk assessment based on different types of flexibly adjustable, versioned scorecards. It can be connected to loan origination, debt collection workflows.
Trade Finance
ApPello Trade Finance System is designed to support all events in connection with export or import letters of credit, letters of guarantee and documentary and clean collections
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