ApPello Loan Origination System is an effective tool for quick reaction to retail market changes. To reduce on-boarding churn rate clients can be guided through the process step-by-step.
Our solution can support to improve quick time-to-decisions and time-to-money KPI’s. Monitoring and reporting the process efficiency and the resource used are also included.
With the built-in rule engine, credit policies and business rules can be adjusted to the actual business requirements anytime.
  • End-to-end support of the whole retail loan processes from acquisition to disbursement
  • Integrated Workflow engine ensures quick time-to-decision and time to disbursement
  • Built-in rule engine enables adjusting credit policies and business rules for fast reactions
  • Omnichannel approach – Onboard new customers and self-service frontend
  • Eliminate re-keying of data through an integrated, end-to-end origination process based upon a single system of record
  • Performance management – monitoring and reporting tools
  • Significantly shortens time-to-yes and time-to-money
  • Cost decrease with optimized processes
  • Shorten origination processes through the use of automation, document management and workflow
  • Customer engagement tools help increase customer satisfaction and sales volume
  • Quick response to market needs and lower TCO by easy customization, even without technical knowledge
  • Monitoring and reporting tools ensure process efficiency for lower operational risk
  • Professional reports for all management levels

1 End-to-end support of the whole retail loan process

ApPello Loan origination system covers the lending process from the first interaction with prospects to disbursement. The whole credit lifecycle is supported by ApPello’s workflow and document management.

This solution unifies client onboarding, loan origination, credit workflow processes and any related loan and collateral administration. The modular solution has been already implemented in complex banking environments successfully.

The application includes the full lending and pricing workflow with different front-ends for different application purposes. The system can support monitoring and loan maintenance (e.g. disbursement, prepayment, rescheduling) functions via connected external ApPello modules.

ApPello Loan Origination System contains integrated front- and back-office systems. It can accelerate the credit application process with seamless customer experience. The focus of development was to reduce the time-to-yes in house and time-to-money for bank clients.

2 Advanced front-office options and functionalities

Nowadays process digitalization is key for mass retail processes. Retail loan origination processes can be highly automated for basic and common cases. Features like the self-service onboarding and loan handling can facilitate the new clients acquisition, describe and update terms and conditions, or communicating with clients by messages / video-chat can all be managed through integrated ApPello products.

Thanks to our omnichannel approach client onboarding can even happen via tablet or smart phone.

3 Customer engagement tools to increase sales volume

ApPello Customer Portal provides superior costumer experience with its modern and easy-to-use functions. This portal helps you to attract new customers as well as retain existing clients, with reduced operation costs.

New customers can use the Public Customer Portal to calculate the rates and repayment conditions available to them: Initial estimation for the monthly instalment amount, and the total sum of money to be repaid, as well as the interest rate and APR can be displayed. One can compare the different loan types and decide which one they are interested in.

Registered clients can follow their loan request until disbursement or even chat through the portal.

4 Improved sales effectiveness while increased customer satisfaction

Our Integrated Workflow engine ensures quick time-to-decision and time to disbursement. The Solution provides a concise picture to sales network, risk managers and back office with the aim to speed up and automate lending.

The Loan Origination module supports the beginning of the lending process, from registering a client’s first interest in the offered credit products to the disbursement of the loan. Loan Origination Module provides flexibility in handling Clients, Loan products, Workflows and Business rules. Unique visualization capabilities provide user convenience even for complex loan-collateral structures, scoring problems. Business users can even maintain and modify processes, as sequence can be changed or new steps can be added flexibly without programming. Integrated workflow engine support parallel processes and tasks where multiple departments are involved, shortening time-to-yes.

Document management tools help to generate various documents based on templates and fills them in with all relevant and available data in system. This is a very useful and time-saving tool in the Loan Origination process as well, used for preparing all of the paperwork (loan proposals, contracts, notifications, statements, etc.) involved in the process. Digital signature supports the verification of contracts, agreements.

5 Flexibility for quick adaption

ApPello solution is based on ApPello Digital Platform that is designed to evolve: all screens, business rules and workflows can be redesigned by business users.

Business users can set up and maintain workflows, configure business rules, screens, and modify page layouts or change data model. Based on our practice there is a 10% annual change, so in a five-year period a significant part of the original data model is replaced. Classical solutions are not able to cope with such change, but our distinctive features enable to have a rapid, goal-oriented development.

All of the product types, as well as their attributes are maintained in the product catalogue. Therefore, any number of new products can be easily added, and the specifics of the existing products can be easily changed. The segment for the given product type can also be set with the help of the product catalogue.

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