Corporate Loan Origination
ApPello understands that reducing operational and credit risk became a major challenge for financial institutes, coupled with the increased competitiveness of the market that calls for time-to-money or time-to-decision.
Fast and thorough processing and investigating loan applications and applicants is necessary, but it can be difficult to accomplish without tools designed for this purpose and the measurement of the effectiveness of the process. ApPello Corporate & SME Loan origination is an end-to-end solution enhanced by user-friendly features designed for corporate lending: it can handle complex product and company structures.
As corporate loan origination is generally an extended process that needs involvement of multiple departments, it is crucial for efficiency that recurring and parallel processes can be handled with the help of process management tools.
  • End-to end support of the whole loan origination and monitoring process for  Corporate & SME
  • Connecting Rating / Decision engine and Pricing engine & Raroc calculation capabilities
  • Omnichannel approach – Digital communication with the Customers
  • Debtor group handling
  • Complex product and collateral structures
  • Covenant management and monitoring for higher effectiveness
  • Performance management – monitoring and reporting tools
  • Automatic Balance Sheet &Profit and Lost handling upload, conversion
  • Significantly shortens time-to-yes and time-to-money
  • Cost decrease with optimized processes
  • Risk decrease with implemented business rules and validations
  • Customer satisfaction by increased speed and flexibility – highest level of customization helps handling complex structures
  • Quick response to market needs and lower TCO by easy customization, even without technical knowledge
  • Back-office features increase effectiveness of everyday work
  • Reduce administrative- and paperwork by creating unique templates for several automated document generation
  • Professional reports for all management levels

1 End-to end support of the whole loan origination process

ApPello Corporate Loan origination supports the whole credit lifecycle from acquisition through pricing, client and collateral investigation, proposal to Committee decision, contracting and disbursement. All steps are supported by customizable workflows.

The product provides a complex and comprehensive solution for lending processes in the corporate, large corporate and SME segment. The modular solution has been already implemented in complex banking environments successfully.

The application includes the full lending and pricing workflow with different front-ends for different application purposes. The system can support monitoring and loan maintenance (e.g. disbursement, prepayment, rescheduling) functions via connected external ApPello modules.

2 Highest level of customization



Speed, flexibility and simplicity are the aspects corporate clients value the most. No matter if working capital, acquisition finance or financing to bridge a cash flow gap, a user-friendly loan process and quicker time-to-yes creates satisfaction and ensures loyalty.

Business users can maintain and modify processes, as sequence can be changed or new steps can be added flexibly without programming. Our workflow engine support parallel processes and tasks where multiple departments are involved, shortening time-to-yes.

3 Back-office features increase effectiveness of everyday work

There are various functionalities to manage connected clients that are common in the corporate world. With the debtor group handling capability financial institutes can cover all related information including shareholders, subsidiaries, parent companies. The product covers simplified covenant management and monitoring for higher effectiveness and supports different data sets like partner, loan, collateral, workflow, etc.

Our flexible platform offers you to „learn on the go”, customize your portfolio and adapt new product ideas easily.

4 Using of the latest technologies

The product provides flexibility in handling Clients, Loan products, Workflows and Business rules. Business users can customize screens and workflows with an easy-to-use drag&drop editor, not even technical or programming knowledge is needed.

The solution provides you a dynamic toolset to improve and maintain different lending processes, thus it can quickly react the ever-changing banking trends and regulatory environment, notwithstanding its great customer experience in the full lending customer journey. Workflow and task allocation can be adjusted to different segment needs.

5 Advanced front-office options and functionalities

Nowadays process digitalization is not only suitable for retail processes anymore. Corporate and SME loan origination processes can be highly automated for basic and common cases. Many features of the retail processes can be useful even in this segment: for instance, through the self-service portal external sales partners can facilitate the clients applications, upload client’s quarterly reports, describe and update terms and conditions, or even negotiating covenant details directly with the responsible managers.

Thanks to our omnichannel approach decision registration by board members can even happen via tablet or smart phone.

6 Additional features

Customizable dashboards, 360 Degree client -and history-overview supports decision-making by displaying the most relevant information at a glance.

As emails play an important role in SME lending process, ApPello offers an Outlook plugin. With this you can save your emails, and their attachment directly to Clients, Loans, or Workflows with one click straight from your email client.

Embedded excel calculations increase effectivity if a process is too exceptional to be automized.

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