Lending Portal
ApPello Lending portal helps financial institutes to attract, onboard and retain your customers in an ever-changing business environment while increasing operational efficiency.
The Solution runs on the ApPello Digital Banking Platform. Appello's digital banking solutions cover front and back-office workflows with flawless integration to each other.
ApPello intuitively designed, white-labelled portal provides superior customer experience with its responsive design, modern and easy-to-use function
  • Easy customer acquisition with the help of an ergonomic, user-friendly portal
  • One public portal serves all client segments
  • Less churn, as users are guided through the process steps in an intuitive way
  • Agent portal helps to win clients through different sales channels
  • The integrated workflow engine ensures quick time-to-decision and time to disbursement
  • The built-in rule engine enables the Bank to adjust credit policies and business rules

1 Engage and maintain

The white-labelled portal can be part of your website or stand-alone lending page and offers wide range of services for your clients and prospects.


As it splits into Public customer portal for new-to-bank clients and Self-service banking application for existing/registered clients, it helps you both to attract or to retain customers.


Due to the omnichannel approach, it allows the convenience to reach the service anytime from anywhere.

To allow new customer acquisitions through different distribution channels, our solution provides an Agent Portal as well.


After the application has been finalized by the client or an agent, a workflow is created for the Client’s loan application.

2 Retail, SME and Large Corporate

ApPello’s white-labelled Public Customer Portal can be integrated into your website, and with one portal you can reach all client segments from the retail and corporate world as well.
With its highly customisable digital approach, the Portal can serve all client segments according to their needs.  No matter if personal loan for retail or working capital financing for corporate, the loan products, the process and the screens and printouts can be tailored according to the segment’s needs while the integrated workflow drives execution.

3 seamless loan process

Regardless of the client type or the offered product, the portal is able to provide excellent customer journey and increase the effectivity of the service. The automated controlling method provides safe and seamless operation and shortens the time-to-yes and time-to-money.

ApPello’s solution reduces response time and human tasks with its integrated workflow-engine. To follow fast-changing markets and business needs, we provide flexible rule engine and dynamic data model. Different workflows can be configured and initialized based on the client segment, product type of the application and many other conditions.

4 Lending helper - window to web

ApPello Lending Helper is an easily downloadable browser-plug-in for existing customers as well as prospects. With this innovative tool, the Bank can reach new customers without dealing with third-party traders

Lending Helper
ApPello Lending Helper is an easily downloadable browser plug-in for existing customers as well as prospects. With this innovative tool, the financial service provider can reach new customers without dealing with third-party traders.
Loan Origination
The ApPello Loan Origination System is able to cover the whole loan process from the first customer request until the disbursement and also offers a perfect solution in case of Retail (including mortgage, unsecured and consumer finance) or non-retail (Corporate and SME) segments.
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