Retail Banking Technologies MENA Summit

ApPello is sponsor and speaker of the upcoming Retail Banking Technologies MENA Summit which has been designed to bring to the visitors of the conference a unique opportunity to gain fresh insights into areas such as Retail Banking and Digital Transformation in Banking in the Middle East and North Africa. The conference takes place in Dubai on the 28-29 of November and it is focused on the latest hot trends such as digital banking, digital payments, creating a customer-centric organization and cyber security. The conference brings answers to all the questions about how to design the new digital bank, how to use the power of disruptive technologies and FinTech and shares information about the main trends and priorities in Retail Banking in MENA region in next 5 years, will analyze how to implement digital risk management up to 2020 and also brings to its audience the latest case studies of using digital innovations such as Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, ATMs, VTMs, what has been implemented and what is going to be done in the nearest future.

By attending this summit, you will have a chance to meet us and see our presentation delivered by our CEO, Béla Vér.

Come and meet us there!


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