Non-Traditional data aids
Trade credit scoring

Non traditional data aids trade credit scoring


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Author: Euromoney by Paul Golden, external content

“In technologically advanced countries, SMEs are more active on social media”

Mr. Bálint Bakó, Product owner of AI team at ApPello

Data in social media has a role to play in assessing market sentiment towards a company, but Olomo recognizes the need to ensure the data being analysed is from a reliable source.

“To use a sporting analogy, you need to look at the entirety of the data – not just the edited highlights,” – he adds.

According to Bálint Bakó, product owner AI development at ApPello, regional and data privacy issues must also be considered.

“In technologically advanced countries, SMEs are more active on social media and it is more common to find information about them in different news portals,”-  he says.

“In technologically less-advanced countries you may find only a small amount of data, so the acquisition cost might be greater than the benefit.”

This short interview with Bálint Bakó, was published Euromoney with additonal experts of AI development. The article is about the role of none traditional-data aids in credit scoring. Balint was interviewed besides  industry experts like Mr. Prag Sharma (Citi Global Head of AI), Mr. Philippe Pougeard (Deputy CEO of Socite Generale) and Mr. Opeyemi Olomo (Member of Citi’s global trade digital transformation team).


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