Digital banking solutions

Smarter. Faster. Together.

Digital banking solutions

Smarter. Faster. Together.

Welcome to the Loan Factory!

The flagship product-line of ApPello covers all phases of the lending process. With the help of flexible and easy-to-use graphical tools, administration can be radically reduced, time-to-market can be shorter which allows more opportunities for further innovations.

Digital Lending - Front Office

Lending Portal
ApPello Lending Portal helps financial institutes to attract, onboard and retain your customers in an ever-changing business environment while increasing operational efficiency
Lending Helper
A brand new, smart and innovative browser extension which is connected to the ApPello Lending Portal and our robust Back-end system as well

Digital Lending - Back Office

Loan Origination
The ApPello Loan Origination System is able to cover the whole loan process from the first customer request until the disbursement and also offers a perfect solution in case of Retail (including mortgage, unsecured and consumer finance) or non-retail (Corporate and SME) segments
Rating & Scoring
Efficient risk assessment based on different types of flexibly adjustable, versioned scorecards. All the required data are available for the scoring engine, which determines the risk of financing to support the decision-making process
Collateral Management
The ApPello Collateral Management tool provides transparency of collaterals and coverage on client, segment or portfolio level
Real Estate Evaluator
ApPello Real Estate Evaluator is a workflow engine driven application to support the evaluation of the real estates (native mobile app is also available). In case of a real estate collateral type, this module manages the evaluation process. After the evaluation the Collateral Management System will handle the real estate’s value
Early Warning & Monitoring
This module is responsible for checking the terms&conditions of contracting and disbursement among others and for early identification of future non-performance
Debt Collection
The non-performing loans are handled by the Collection module through workout strategies
Other Product Lines
Cash optimization
Cash Optimization product offers solution for the management of physical cash to save administration time and reduce operational costs
Trade Finance
ApPello Trade Finance System is designed to support all events in connection with export or import letters of credit, letters of guarantee and documentary and clean collections


Our continuously improving rapid application development platform ApPello Digital Platform (AppDP) simplifies the maintenance of lending processes and allows power users to create and change business logic by parameterizing only, without development. The platform serves as a technological framework for ApPello’s business applications, making a flexible adjustment to changing business environment. The platform supports the front-end activities and the omnichannel approach of the platform allows access from any device anytime, anywhere.
Easy to set
Quick Implementation
Drag & Drop Interface
Coding is not necessary

Who We Are

ApPello Banking Software is a leading software vendor that has been providing loan origination, risk management and front-end solutions for over 20 years. These products represent over 2/3 of our product portfolio, hence we have a deep expertise in those areas.
We are constantly developing our platform (ApPello Digital Platform) which is currently one of the most powerful and prevailing in the CEE region. We use proven technologies available on the market, by which our innovation is multiplied.
ApPello’s principle is developing user-focused solutions do not only meet the business requirements, but can be set by the end users without IT involvement. ApPello puts a big emphasis on the digitalisation in the loan processes led by the latest customer expectations.
Béla Vér
Chief Executive Officer
Tamás Babér
Project and Support Director
Business Development
Beatrix Percze
Business Development Coordinator
Jan Herian
Business Development Manager
Tünde Keller
Financial Manager
Marius Mardale
Branch Manager Romania



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