ApPello’s Digital Loan Management is a complete loan servicing software platform that helps financial institutions with in configuring new loan products, fee structure, automating loan billing, repayments, and accounting within one robust, flexible, and secure platform. ApPello’s Digital Loan Management is highly configurable to allow financial services companies to quickly bring new products to market or update existing offerings in days over weeks.

Products ranging from unsecured loans, secured loans, mortgages, real estate lending, auto leasing, financial & operational lease to complex corporate loans such as loan syndication, commercial lending and trade finance (letter of credit, buyer’s credit, bank guarantees). Sophisticated collateral management is an integral part of ApPello’s digital loan management.

The platform also supports and caters to Current and Saving account management allowing the financial institutions to manage both assets and liabilities within the same platform. Resulting in reduced cost and increased efficiency by not needing to invest in a separate core banking system.

  • Easy-to-parameterize solutions
  • Unique visualization capabilities
  • Automated Processes
  • Easy integration
  • Less administration


Loan Managment

ApPello’s Digital Loan Management System automates end to end loan lifecycle processes right from creation of loan products, to disbursements until termination of the loan. The platform built of a state of the art technology provides the flexibility required to manage simple retail & SME loans to complex corporate loans efficiently. The application automates bank’s administration tasks, manages all the transactions related to the loan seamlessly resulting in greater customer experience and reduction in costs.


Core Banking

Digital Core Banking System is an open and microservices based core banking solution for optimizing the back-office processes to be more efficient along side the lending operations. The solution is to manage Current Accounts and Saving Accounts which are complemented by ApPello Digital Lending Platform (core and business builder services). Thanks to its modularity, scalability and openness the ApPello Digital Core Banking System is comprehensive and fully configurable. We offer it primarily as SaaS (on AWS, Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure). An on-premises deployment is possible upon request.



The ApPello Collateral Management tool provides transparency of collaterals and coverage on client, segment or portfolio level.


Real estate


ApPello Real Estate Valuator is a workflow engine driven application to support the evaluation of the real estates (native mobile app is also available). In case of a real estate collateral type, this module manages the evaluation process. After the evaluation the Collateral Management system will handle the real estate’s value.


Trade Finance

ApPello Trade Finance system is designed to support all events in connection with export or import letters of credit, letters of guarantee and documentary and clean collections.

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