Real Estate Evaluator

Valuator tool is designed to cover the end-to-end evaluation process for real estate such as residential, commercial or industrial properties and movables.

The system provides the necessary tools to achieve accurate results and benchmarks.

It can be integrated with Loan Origination and Collateral Management in order to have a complete solution.

  • End to end workflows for real estates and movables valuation
  • 10+ built in worklows
  • Appraisal management – from selection until invoicing
  • 5 different valuation methodology support
  • Valuation report preparation
  • Mobile platforms for external valuator
  • Performance management
  • KPI reporting
  • Flexible and quick workflow management
  • Opportunity for decrease FTE
  • optimized processes
  • Easy and efficient methodology follow-up
  • Tablet support for on-site inspections
  • Significant SLA improvement
  • Professional reports for all management level
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ApPello Valuator System is designed to cover the end to end evaluation process all types of real estate properties and movables for all client segments. It manages valuation requests, orders, valuation process and generation of valuation reports.

The tool allows to create personalized workflows specified to product, client segment or to risk level. Specific workflows for real estate and movables ensure formal and professional compliance.

The system supports different type of workflows like: First valuation, revaluation, inspection, request order flow. There are other workflow types connected to: opinion request, verification of evaluation reports, valuation report supervision, bulk revaluation and invoice handling.

The solution has a built-in rule engine, which automatically assigns tasks to the respective unit, or to the valuator company.

All valuation processes are monitored by the system to measure through-put-time and available capacity to keep SLA under control.


As a best practice, the solution allows the following valuation methods: Market value comparison, Income and Simplified Income approach, DCF method and cost-based approach for every real estate types.





ApPello solution comes along with a simple parameter management feature to support complex calculation grids. Power users can define and maintain business rules.




The Valuator System provides an opportunity to register internal and external valuators and to manage their various eligibility criteria and authorisation, or their competencies.

The system helps in filtering the orders based on predefined criteria and hence manage the relation with the external suppliers, offering the option to define competencies and calculate quality score, which are used further in the allocation mechanism. The power users can add holidays, and different (area based) competencies to each appraisal user, therefore every valuator will get precisely those orders that can be performed by them. The system rates every valuation report and every valuator. If that’s the case, the tool uses black and graylists to handle the non-performing valuators. The valuator tool supports the whole invoicing process also, extended with invoice correction and storno features.




The Valuator tool uses a Google Maps based map to show the geographic location of the real estates. The user can select the exact geographic location of the property that the system will convert to address data and automatically fills in the required data. Additionally, the system provides possibility to define custom areas for select comparable real estates that are used in the market approach method.

The system provides the ability to produce multi-level statistics, just as statistical regions, areas and sub-domains. Specifying the desired pricing areas as a basic data, the system generates statistics for properties in a given region / statistical area in the bank database.







Certain parts of the valuation process happen on-site, therefore ApPello Valuator System is supported by any device the customer chooses to use. Customer experience and services are available across all channels.

In case of using mobile/tablet device, location details are presented in Google Maps and system offers the user to fill out address details.

In addition application provides analysis on average, maximum and minimum real estate prices in a certain area based on location details. Information from previous processes can be reused as a comparable for the new valuation reports.


ApPello Valuator provides the option to define and maintain different reporting capabilities, which can help in managing the evaluation process in terms of resource peaks and through-put time.

With the SLA measurement system the power users can have ad hoc reports anytime to see the times spent on each task, extended with graphical charts, and summarized pages.

Upload documents to every major business object, like request, real estate, or the valuation process itself. With the document preview component every photo of the property can be reach easily.

Our digital platform ensures that define a notification for any user role or user groups is simpler than ever. You can add new notification instances without any programmer involvement to anywhere. The platform also gives possibility to export any lists in the application, to help the reporting process. Naturally, we have plenty types of graphical charts and predefined reports, that can be reached with only one click for the supervisors. With these information the lead valuators will always have enough information to intervene to any ongoing process, if necessary.

Digital Loan origination
ApPello Loan Origination is a process-based solution for collecting data and documents. It supports the stages of proposal, underwriting and contracting.
During the loan origination process the collateral data is handled by this module. The system allocates the collaterals on the loans with the help of the graphical modelling tool to calculate the coverage.
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