Onboarding process represents the first point of interaction with the customer and it will set the tone for the entire relationship. Therefore, moving to a smooth and genuinely omni-channel customer experience will be a true game changer, not to mention that it could potentially save significant process cost.
ApPello’s Digital Onboarding and Lending portal is a customer and partner channel offering to help financial institutions attract, on-board and retain customers in an ever-changing business environment while increasing operational efficiency.

ApPello’s solution helps you improve the level of service offered to customers by simplifying, automating and speeding up the onboarding process and improving the customer experience. By offering a high level of service and a personalized communication, you will improve your customer retention and loyalty, which in turn will reduce your costs and raise your profitability level.

ApPello’s intuitive, white-label portal provides superior customer experience with its responsive design, modern and easy-to-use functions by helping them to perceive the entire journey as a single process, despite the verifications and the other tasks that are performed in the background.

  • Configurable and ready-to-use front end
  • Offers multi-factor authentication
  • Captures customer’s static data and identification documents
  • Performs OCR on identification documents to enhance user experience
  • Ensures advanced photo and video facial recognition
  • Performs basic AML/CTF background checks
  • Provides electronic signature services
  • Manages the exchange of documents between the bank and the customer
  • Supports extensive banking services such as Loan Origination, Account opening, Real estate valuation request etc. with transparent process descriptions
  • Enables Video chat, Message board and chatbots
  • Enhanced client experience by personalizing offers, fees and rates
  • Higher conversion rate
  • Faster and more accurate credit decisions
  • Increased customer touchpoints without increasing capacity
  • Increased revenue by improving application completion rates
  • Reduced Cost/Income ratio
  • Competitive edge on the market
  • Advanced analytics creates upsell and cross-sell opportunities

1 Improved customer experience

Nearly 40 percent of customers think that a poor online experience is the number one reason that make them abandon an online application.

ApPello’s digital onboarding enables a hyper-personalized customer experience by putting together all the data available about a customer. Also, configurable workflow and business rule engine allows the bank to optimise the level of automation creating an excellent customer experience.

2 Reduced Cost/Income ratio

Form-filling costs time for both customers and bank employees. Customers might be asked to re-enter information they may have already provided via another channel and the bank employees might have to input the same information into other systems.

As a result, employee’s and the customer’s time are wasted on unnecessary data entry. Also increasing the possibilities of human error. From customer acquisition and operations perspective, this makes no sense.

Re-designing the customer onboarding with ApPello’s platform will help reducing the processing time and cost through process optimization.

3 Faster and flexible access to banking services

With a very good onboarding platform, we are able to gather easily all the required information from customers and we are able to better understand their needs, in order to proactively recommend the most relevant products for them.

ApPello’s technology can facilitate financial services consumption as we can present the most relevant products to the customers and we can also assist them with better and relevant information about each service.

4 Be perceived as innovative and reinforce brand image

In today’s world, the clients tend to have a hop-on hop-off behaviour when it comes to financial services and this is because customers search for the best service available.

If a financial institution has a very good cash loan product, many clients will apply for that product, but the same client might get a mortgage or a savings product from a different bank.

So, with this in mind, today’s challenge is to become the preferred financial institution for the customers and the best way to do this, is to be perceived as being innovative and offer hyper-personalized products across all offerings.


ApPello portal automatizes the process with document uploading, making the entire process paperless and free of red tap. It has never been so easy to specify document requirements.

Additionally, the portal delivers the prepared proposals, contracts, etc. to the client. With the help of document management functionality, the storage, retrieval, search and construction of documents are very easy. Integrated digital signature completes the paperless process.


With its highly customisable digital approach, the Portal can serve all client segments according to their needs.  No matter if personal loan for retail or working capital financing for SME, the loan products, the process, the screens and printouts can be tailored according to the segment’s needs while the integrated workflow drives execution.

Digital Loan Origination
The ApPello Loan Origination System is able to cover the whole loan process from the first customer request until the disbursement and also offers a perfect solution in case of Retail (including mortgage, unsecured and consumer finance) or non-retail (Corporate and SME) segments.
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