Digital Loan Origination System
Loan Origination process is highly flexible and hence able to comply with various needs of Large corporate, SME, Retail or Consumer finance and Specialized lending segments. ApPello Loan Origination System supports the whole loan process from customer loan application to disbursement.
Solution offers a seamless digital journey for customers and allows quick time-to-yes. The Solution is built on ApPello Digital Platform, which provides the flexibility for creating new or maintain existing loan origination workflows without coding or IT support.
As no technical knowledge is needed to make modifications in the system, business users can easily respond to fast changing market and legal conditions, significantly reducing time-to-market, while reducing TCO as well.
  • Workflow support for all client segments and product types
  • End-to-end support – from aquisition to disbursement
  • Integrated self-service portal
  • Configurable screens, business rules and workflows
  • Performance management – monitoring and reporting tools
  • Omnichannel approach
  • Suitable for Customer and Agents
  • Caters to Retail, SME & Corporate customers
  • Significant cost reduction WITH OPTIMIZED PROCESSES
  • Cost decrease with optimized processes
  • Increased satisfaction, higher retention
  • Easy to adjust credit policies and business rules
  • Short time-to-market
  • Accessible on tablet and mobile


Retail loans, which demand quick time-to decisions and time-to disbursements, can be easily handled in the ApPello Loan Origination System which has a strong monitoring part to report the process efficiency and the resource usage. Users are guided through the process steps and thanks to the built-in rule engine, credit policies and business rules can be freely adjusted to the actual business requirements.


The main benefits are:

  • Comes along with an integrated Workflow engine to ensure quick time-to-decision and time to disbursement
  • Monitors and reports on process efficiency and on resource usage
  • Users are guided through the process steps in an intuitive way
  • Built-in rule engine enables the Bank to adjust credit policies and business rules


ApPello Mortgage Loan Origination helps to build seamless processes with outstanding borrower experience. The Front-end portal handles the client and the Bank communication real time it makes the whole origination process smoother and faster. The sales process is supported by “ApPello Lending Helper” which makes a bridge between the Bank’s portal and the Client.


ApPello Mortgage Loan Origination allows you to:

  • acquire more customers with the help of various customer engagement tools
  • tailor-made loan application process: you can customize, in what steps what data is needed, who can execute which step, and differentiate among the access rights for different user groups
  • calculate with less churn, as users are guided through the process steps in an intuitive way by workflow engine
  • execute faster valuation, as it can be requested at the loan application
  • Be safe: Agent/Valuators can access the system with different access rights
  • Integrations with CreditBuero, Cadaster, etc, GeoLocation feature and GeoStatistics help to reduce fraud risk


The system can support the whole process of corporate loans. There are user-friendly features to help manage economically interlinked clients, complex product and collateral structures or credit limits. With the help of the process manager tools recurring and parallel processes can be managed for multiple users working on the same credit application at the same time.


ApPello Corporate Loan Origination:

  • enables iterative processes of multiple departments involved
  • features to manage economically interlinked clients
  • supports complex product and collateral structures, or credit limits
  • simplifies covenant management and monitoring
Digital Lending Portal
ApPello Lending Portal helps financial institutes to attract, onboard and retain your customers in an ever-changing business environment while increasing operational efficiency.
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