ApPello’s AI based digital Debt Collection helps financial institutions to manage the complete collection portfolio from the very first phone call until the closure including legal processes within only one, well-balanced platform.

The digital collections platform covers extensive segmentations from early (soft) to late (hard) collection with workflow-based collection strategies applicable for each segment, product or client category. The platform’s AI capability proactively monitor’s the loan portfolio and automatically generates warning for prompt intervention where needed.

With our comprehensive AI based Collection application financial institutions are able to manage their debt portfolio efficiently, reducing the cost and the capital requirement.

  • Easy-to-parameterize solutions
  • Unique visualization capabilities
  • Automated Processes
  • Easy integration
  • Less administration


Debt Collection

The non-performing loans are handled by the Collection module through workout strategies. ApPello Debt Collection system has brought the opportunity to manage the complete workout portfolio from the very first phone call till the closure and legal processes within only one, well balanced application.

Early Warning &


This Early Warning & Monitoring module is responsible for checking the terms & conditions of contracting and disbursement among others and for early identification of future non-performance.

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