Customer Satisfaction

Dear Partner,

Thank you very much for taking your time to fill our satisfaction survey! The goal of this questionnaire is to get a clear view about how our products and presentations are seen in order to increase the value they bring. Please feel free to add any suggestions or comments that help us achieve these goals.

Not at all Likely Extremely Likely
5 - Totally accurate4 - Accurate3 - Neutral2 - Not accurate1 - Not accurate at allNot relevant / no opinion
was in line with my (team's) expectations
brought exactly the information I needed
could be easily followed and understood
was done by prepared and professional colleagues
5 - Totally agree4 - Agree3 - Neutral2 - Not agree1 - Not agree at allNot relevant / no opinion
has user-friendly and modern design
is easy to use
covers our business needs
5 - Very likely4 - Likely3 - Neutral2 - Not likely1 - Not at all likelyNot relevant / no opinion