Non-performing loans can be handled by the ApPello Digital Debt Collection solution through workout strategies.

The system has brought the opportunity to manage the complete workout portfolio from the very first phone call till the closure and legal processes within only one, well balanced application.

Product Details

The product-independent platform provides the best options and tools to create client segmentation, recognise patterns of client behaviour, and react to them as fast as the business needs.

The solution helps you in soft and hard (legal) collection, supports client communication, proposal handling and pay-of & portfolio analysis.


Comprehensive solution for early/late collection support

Automatic client segmentation

Configurable collection strategies & workflows

Easy & quick promise to pay recordings

Advanced built-in template management, Transparent external actor management

Complete SLA, pay-off & portfolio analysis

The flow of
Debt Collection Process


  • Batch or online integration with CBS
  • Standard, predefined API’s
  • Automated segmentation

Collection strategy

  • Strategy builder
  • Unique strategies, customized by admin users
  • Process mapping and improvement without coding

Document management

  • Built-in document
    template editor
  • Customizable SMS’s,
    e-mails and letters


  • Decision Workflows, both for soft and hard collection processes
  • Proposals preparation
  • Dynamic and custom processes


  • Settlements monitoring
  • Automatic generation repayment contracts
  • Transparent PTP monitoring


  • SLA, pay-off & portfolio analysis
  • Improved EOD

Process follow-up

  • Quick and effective business process follow-up
  • Less time effort for reporting and analysis

Wide range of
Segmentation options

Automatic segmentation of outstanding delinquent loans and assigning an adequate collection strategy is managed by flexibly adjustable business rules (using a built-in rule engine UI where power users can define the conditions).

Early warning and Monitoring

Flexibly configurable
collection strategies

Automatically assigned collection strategies define the planned activities for the collection processes that are based on flexibly adjustable workflows and task management capabilities.

The role-based workflow may involve different internal departments as well as external parties. Power users can modify existing strategies and create new ones.

For hard collection processes, the system provides a workflow editor, where the power users can easily configure any hard collection flows within minutes, or even create new ones. With this flexibility the bank can adapt to the constantly changing financial and regulation environment.

Soft Collection

The tool provides a complete set of functions. Supporting the extended requirement set of the internal collector through strategy-based workflows.
It includes (amongst others) automatic generation of e-mails, SMS and letters based on the various collection strategies with configurable templates, registering payment promises and payment plans with customizable templates, ad hoc messaging options.

The Solution can be integrated with any existing interface such as a Call Center software or document management system. The collection tool provides a complete document template editor, therefore every single letter can be controlled and edited inside the solution. System supports bulk letter sending with a few click.

Hard Collection

ApPello’s Collection tool provides hard collection workflows as well. The system capable to model very own and unique collection processes, monitor clients’ transaction behaviour, recognise patterns and close non-performing portfolio with the maker-checker proposal tool.

See the big picture in each collection case within minutes with the milestone-based history items.  Manage all external partners and assign tasks or inform by spectacular reporting tool. Complex Hard Collection module decreasing workout portfolio and the capital requirement.

Accelerate Decisions &

The Collection system has a unique proposal module, for workout managers to define different scenarios for the decision makers. The system demands only the minimum required input data. All relevant information and P&L calculation are available real time. The approval person can ask additional information anytime, every need of modification will be stored, and archived to ensure full transparency during the hard collection process. This tool will definitely accelerate the amount of proposals, therefore a massive improvement can be performed on the workout portfolio.

Less time effort
for reporting

The System provides reporting options on many levels. With this capability, decision makers are able to keep the collection strategy under supervision and get any information at any time about the whole portfolio. Easy-to-create graphical tools (charts), customizable, searchable and filterable list screens that can be exported to Excel, CSV or PDF built-in reports that provide the opportunity to create any type of list, chart or custom report.

ApPello’s Collection tool provides a complex SLA measurement module that brings full transparency to every task. The power users can define standard execution times for every task that can be parameterized via Excel import files or within the application, on a graphical interface. On our well-balanced summary screens the supervisors can see every task related data that helps to optimize and lean the daily processes and improve the department performance to the next level.


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module is responsible for checking the terms & conditions of contracting and disbursement among others and for early identification of future non-performance.

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Please fill out the download form and you will receive the download link in an email.