ApPello at FinTech Connect Live

ApPello is sponsor and speaker of the upcoming FinTech Connect Live conference in London on the 6-7th of December, 2017. The event – combining the hustle and bustle of an exhibition featuring over 3000 visitors, and 200 exhibitors and partners – is one of the largest UK fintech events. Playing host to 4 strategic conference […]

ApPello at Bankszektor 2017

ApPello is sponosr of the Annual Conference of the Hungarian Banking Sector (Bankszektor) organized by IIR Hungary, which will take place in Budapest from 29 to 30 November 2017. Participants will hear presentations and discussions about lot of sector-relevant topics and the answers to the questions will be delivered by reputable representatives of the corporate and […]

Retail Banking Technologies MENA Summit

ApPello is sponsor and speaker of the upcoming Retail Banking Technologies MENA Summit which has been designed to bring to the visitors of the conference a unique opportunity to gain fresh insights into areas such as Retail Banking and Digital Transformation in Banking in the Middle East and North Africa. The conference takes place in Dubai […]

BizBanking – 5th Annual Corporate Banking Forum

Banking industry went through a lot of whacking changes recently and also the corporate banking field was affected. Althougth the changes here are implemented less rapidly, corporate bankers need to face an era of changes. ApPello will be speaker&sponsor of the 5th Annual Corporate Banking Forum, where all attendees will have a great opportunity to get an […]

Portfolio Banking Technology

ApPello is sponsor of the Banking Technology Conference organized by Portfolio. The event offers current topics of the banking industry to the attendees. Not so long the banking industry will face more domestic and EU regulations. The instant money transfer is almost here and brings huge challenges and also great opportunities for banks, as new […]

Romanian Banking Forum

ApPello is partner and speaker of the 20th Romanian Banking Forum which will be held in Bucharest on the 14th of November, 2017 organized by FinMedia and the Financial Market. The latest edition of the event aims to make as clear picture as possible about the current banking market draw a first outline for its […]

ApPello at Hypotéka conference

We are proud to announce that ApPello is Main Partner and speaker of Hypotéka Conference, which is organized the eleventh time this year and will take place on 17 October in the very center of Prague. This year is special for several reasons – the market regulation by the ČNB or changes in mortgage financing both bring engaging topics. The event […]

ApPello at E-Banking Summit & Awards 1000+

ApPello is sponsor of  E-Banking Summit & Awards 1000+ which takes place in the Balna Budapest on the 11th of October. The event connects all important pillars of the modern economy – the service sectors, ICT companies and banks and insurance companies – and offering an excellent platform for discussion about the most challenging issues […]

ApPello at LendIt Europe

LendIt is the world’s largest show in lending and fintech. These conferences bring together the leading fintech platforms, investors, and service providers in the industry for unparalleled educational, networking, and business development opportunities. LendIt holds three conferences annually: LendIt USA, LendIt Europe in London and Lang Di Fintech in China. ApPello is proud to be the sponsor of LendIt Europe on […]

ApPello at 2nd Annual Innovation on Banking conference

ApPello is participating – as sponsor and speaker of the event – on the second edition of Innovations on Banking conference, will address the core challenges that banks are facing. As banks now looking to become truly digital entities, it will be innovation that will separate the best from the rest. This must-attend conference will focus […]

ApPello at PHOENIX

ApPello is proud to be sponsor and speaker of the second edition of the Phoenix conference which will be held in Ambassador Zlata Huse Hotel in Prague on the 20-21 of September. From the first glance at the agenda to the final curtain close, Phoenix is the type of the event you simply have to […]

ApPello is Sponsor of the MEBIS

ApPello  – as regular participant of the Middle East Banking Summit – is again one of the sponsors of the Summit which has emerged as the GCC region’s largest banking technology and innovation event over the past six years.  7th edition of the summit taking place on the 18th and 19th September 2017 in Dubai will bring […]

ApPello @ The European Subprime Credit Forum

ApPello is proud to be sponsor of  The European Subprime Credit Forum in Prague, on the 14-15 of September 2017. As the popularity of this type of credit has grown in the last decade, boosted unsurprisingly by the financial crisis. This type of lending is also aided by the ‘now’ culture of society ie People […]

ApPello Collateral System successfully implemented

ApPello Collateral System was successfully implemented in one of the leading Banks of Central Eastern Europe. It is a significant achievement on our digital platform. We interfaced the system to 7 main applications including all loan sales support tools in which we involved approximately 100 business users and testers during the User Acceptance Test. With […]

ApPello @ Retail Banking Forum

ApPello is one of the main partners of Retail Banking Forum in Bucharest on the 13th of June, 2017. The new edition of the Retail Banking Forum – organized by Finmedia and the Financial Market magazine – will focus on the emphasis of banks to make banking more enjoyable experience with with highly personalized services and offers. The […]

ApPello at Credit Risk Management Forum

ApPello is Gold Sponsor of the Credit Risk Managenent Forum in Vienna – 7th and 8th of June, 2017. This conference brings together the experts of the industry for a common conversation about the hottest topics and questions like digitalization & automation, new regulations, changing in roles in the next five years, effects of Brexit for Credit Business. […]


Best Use of IT for Risk Management Award goes to ApPello

We are proud to announce that we have been awarded the Best Use of IT for Risk Management at the E-Banking Summit & Expo. This prestigious award has been given to ApPello for the second time, rewarded our innovation and achievments in the Hungarian FinTech industry, especially in the field of Risk Management. As speakers […]

Portfolio Pénzügyi IT Konferencia 2017

ApPello @ Portfolio Pénzügyi IT conference

We are proud to announce that ApPello is sponsor and speaker of the Pénzügyi IT conference organized by Portfolio on the 30th of May, in the Sofitel Hotel, Budapest. The delegates of the conference will be from banks, insurance companies and fintech suppliers and will gather together to discuss the hottest topics of the Fintech […]

E-banking Summit & Expo 2017

ApPello @ E-Banking Summit & Expo

ApPello is proud to be one of the sponsors and speakers of the upcoming E-Banking Summit & Expo 2017, which will be held in Hotel Marriott Budapest, on the 30th of May. The main subject of the Summit will be digitalization, which is essential for the awakening financial sector, as the crisis seems to be […]

ApPello is Partner of FinTech Forum in Bucharest

ApPello is proud to be one of the partners and speakers of FinTech Forum organized by Finmedia, on the 23rd of May in Bucharest. The conference gives an overall market perception of the Fintech in Romania and opens discussion of the most topical issues of the Fintech industry like digitalization, current regulatory environment and globalization […]

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