Top Banking & FinTech Trends Post COVID-19

Author: Mihály Medovarszki, Senior Software Developer, ApPello Banking Industry has already faced several challenges of digitalization in the past few years but most advisors and sector experts agree that only fully digital banks will be able to survive the next decade. COVID-19 has only accelerated digitization as pointed out my colleague Gergely Ambrovics in his […]

Core Banking vendor lock-in is slowing banks down

Author: Béla Vér, Founder & CEO of ApPello In such extraordinary times as these, innovation, digital adoption and speed to market is needed more than ever. The SME segment has been the most effected by COVID-19. Drop in sales, cashflow and supply chain disruption are key concerns for small businesses affected by Coronavirus. Opinium, a […]

Tech Leads on digitalization and COVID-19

It was a pleasure for ApPello to take part at the Financial and Corporate IT conference by Portfolio discussing the impacts of COVID-19 on the IT landscape. As Tamás Laufer (#IVSZ) pointed out, in a modern economy 25% of the yearly gross income is coming from the IT sector and its share is about to grow […]

ApPello at Novathon

We are excited to be a part of the Novathon event this year for the first time! Novathon is an inspirational and trendsetting event on finance innovation and digital culture transformation, bringing together new, non-conventional players, as well as acclaimed international financial influencers. The event will be held on the Budapest Congress Centre on the […]

Appello at Fintech Festival

We are proud of being a part of a new and dynamic fintech event, the Fintech Festival in Budapest on the 1st of October in the Várkert Bazár. ApPello’s speaker will be Krisztina Borsi and she will talk about Gen Z’s opportunities and expectations. Let’s observe  this topic a different point of view regarding to […]

Appello at Hypotéka

ApPello will be premium partner and speaker of Hypotéka again this year, just like the previous ones. The event is organised in Prague on the 26th of September. All the leading representatives of the local mortgage and residential market are going to attend to share their expreiences and ideas about new regulations, growing competition, and […]

Annual Innovation on Banking

We are happy to announce that we will be speaker and sponsor of the Innovation on banking in Prague this week on 19th and 20th of September. The main focus of this event will be on the latest innovations, industry trends and prospects presented by experts in the area. Jan Herian – our local colleague – […]

Appello at 6th Product Development Excellence Banking Summit

We are glad to announce that ApPello will be speaker and sponsor of the 6th Product Development Excellence Banking Summit, which takes place in Vienna on 10-12 September. Our colleague, Krisztina Borsi will deliver an interesting presentation on Day 1 from 10:10, just before the first coffee break. The main topic will be Answering Gen […]

Meet with us at Middle East Banking Innovation Summit

We proudly announce that ApPello will be lunch sponsor at  9th Annual Middle East Banking Innovation Summit 2019, which is organized from 3rd to 4th of September in Dubai. The MEBIS is the largest banking technology platform in the region that brings together banking leaders, fintech experts and over 450 senior experts and leaders to discuss the future […]

Efma SME Banking Summit Take-aways

Author: Beatrix Percze ApPello had the pleasure to take part at the Efma SME Banking Summit, Vienna, 13-14. June, 2019. The event focused on the SME segment, since the recognition, that small and medium enterprises play an important role in economic development, still growing. With globalization and digitalization the segment has more complex financial needs […]

ApPello at SME Banking Summit

ApPello will be partner and sponsor of SME Banking Summit which is organized in Vienna on 13 and 14 June.  During this event the speakers will cover such an interesting topics just like: supply finance chain programmes, microfinancing, Bank + Fintech partnership success stories, and cross-functional approach. Our CEO and speaker – Béla Vér – […]

ApPello at Debt Collection

We are happy to announce that ApPello will be a premium sponsor of Debt Collection which is organised in Prague on 4th of June. This event will bring together not only leading representatives of Czech and Slovak traditional financial institutions, but also alternative and FinTech players in the Debt Collection market. Our local colleague, Jan Herian, […]

ApPello at Portfolio Financial IT & Disruptive Technologies

We are proud of ApPello will be sponsor of Portfolio‘s event: Financial IT & Disruptive Technologies, which is organized in the Europa Congress Center in Budapest. This is one of the most prestigious events in the FinTech industry in Budapest, where the banks’ and financial institutions’ leaders come together to discuss the digital transformation’s biggest […]

ApPello at Bucharest TechWeek – FinTech Summit

We are happy to participate at FinTech Summit at TechWeek in Bucharest, where the regoin’s fintech leaders come together to share their innovative ideas and solutions. Our presenter – Marius Mardale – will speak about the new era of digital banking from 10:15 AM on 23 May. Those who visit our booth, can take part […]

ApPello at Fintech Forum Bucharest

We happily announce that ApPello will be sponsor of the Fintech Forum which is organised in Ramada North Bucharest on 17th of May. Our local colleague – Marius Mardale – will deliver an interesting presentation in the topic of how a digital bank looks like. During this interactive forum you will see full of interesting […]

ApPello at Future Banking

We are proud to announce that ApPello will be speaker and exhibitor of the upcoming FUTURE BANKING Conference will be held in Bucharest on the 14-15 May, 2019. As the financial industry is being dramatically transformed by technology and banks are under heavy stress to keep up the pace with FinTechs, on one side, and […]


Author: Martin Tyrol ( ApPello participated at the 11th Global Banking Innovation Forum & EXPO on April 11th and on April 12th 2019 as a sponsor and also as a speaker. At the conference the newest trends in banking, innovations and new optimizing approaches were introduced. ApPello had proudly presented Lending Helper, our newest digital […]

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