ApPello Cash Optimization solution provides AI based support for cash movement forecasting (deposits and payouts).

It is providing optimal amounts of cash for branches or even ATMs.

Product Details

The solution is able to create an automatic, cost-efficient transportation plan that keeps the cash-handling costs at their lowest, insuring liquidity and meeting other KPI’s. Proven effective methodologies for forecasting are applied to provide estimation for all cashpoints based on historical data. Optimised transport plans are also handled based on these estimations.

The ROI can be easily predicted through the data trial provided by ApPello. ApPello Cash Optimization is comprised of: cash-forecasting, cash-transportation optimisation, monitoring, simulation module and cash-management dashboard.


Reducing overall costs of cash, optimal cash level at branches and ATMs

AI based cash forecasting Linear regression, spectral analysis, neural network

Matching KPI's: Out-of-cash events / year, Capacity limits, Cut-off times, ATM cashback

cash forecasting

Daily cash forecasting prepares a traffic prediction for each cashpoint (branch and ATM) for both cash-in and cash-out. Even a monthly period can be set, including the intra-day distribution of anticipated transactions. Our forecast is based on sophisticated and trusted mathematical modeling that exploit the power of your historical transactional data. Our solution is able to recognize patterns within the data set. The software is set up with built-in algorithms, for instance, linear regression, spectral analysis and neural network. Each of the built-in algorithms can be customized to provide optimal accuracy at any picked cashpoint.

cash supply

Based on the forecast and the actual stocks, the Transport Optimization Module delivers a proposed transport plan. This algorithm can consider all main cost factors of cash management, such as the lost interest on the cash stock sitting in the branch or ATM. 
The considered factors like transportation cost, cash handling and insurance costs are essential to create the optimal transport proposial at the lowest expense, meanwhile the system is capable to react unforeseeable events. Liquidity of any cashpoint constraints of transport order deadlines and capacities are ensured.

Cash traffic

The monitoring function constantly compares the forecasted and the real traffic. In case of significant difference, the system is able to recognize upcoming stock shortages every 15 minutes and proposes an emergency transport if needed. The daily operation can be followed on a detailed, user-friendly dashboard.

Data trial
to predict savings

ApPello undertakes to run a simulated Cash Optimization scenario for interested banks. Providing at least 1 year historical transactional data for a set of cash points, ApPello Cash Optimization engine is able to run a simulation, based on the last month of available data and map actual transactions. Comparing the actual costs incurred to simulated operation, a fairly accurate ROI can easily be calculated. Banks can use the simulation module within the System to make estimated effects of changes on all cash expenses.


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