Portfolio Banking Technology

ApPello is sponsor of the Banking Technology Conference organized by Portfolio. The event offers current topics of the banking industry to the attendees.
Not so long the banking industry will face more domestic and EU regulations. The instant money transfer is almost here and brings huge challenges and also great opportunities for banks, as new payment services turn up in addition to credit card solutions. Due to PSD2 regulation from next January third-party service providers will be able to access to bank data assets and financial institutions and this situation will have to be handled not only technically but from a business point of view. At Banking Technology conference, Director General of the European Banking, Ádám Farkas talks about the details of PSD2.
Another important issue is GDPR that effects the collection and processing of personal information of individuals in the EU, additionally the rise of crypto money, Bitcoin technology, wallets, online loans, customizable account balances and branch digital signatures are no longer future but more and more present.

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