ApPello at Bankszektor 2017

ApPello is sponosr of the Annual Conference of the Hungarian Banking Sector (Bankszektor) organized by IIR Hungary, which will take place in Budapest from 29 to 30 November 2017. Participants will hear presentations and discussions about lot of sector-relevant topics and the answers to the questions will be delivered by reputable representatives of the corporate and service sector – including János Hoós, Chief Consulting Officer of ApPello – who whill share their best practices and success stories with the audience.

The banking sector is constantly being revamped due to technical developments. Financial institutions are working on to reach the maximal customer experience and also to increase the market competition through full digitalization and online customer service, reflected in innovative payment solutions and lending trend orientations. In addition to digital developments, credit institutions are facing many other challenges such as new real estate lending policies, portfolios, regulatory changes and emerging market risks. Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are just some of the most relevant topics to market players. There are more and more new and innovative payment solutions, software and applications are available to customers for easier and faster administration, and lending trends are increasingly geared towards the user comfort.

Come and meet us at the event!


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