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ApPello Digital Platform (AppDP) is a continuously improving rapid application development tool which serves as a technological framework for ApPello’s business applications. The development platform was created to cut down go-to-market time, ensure smooth integration with banking environments and enable long-term sustainability of the applications. With the help of AppDP, developing digital banking solutions is not a dream anymore.

We are proud that ApPello was recognized by Gartner in the “Market Guide for Digital Banking Multichannel Solutions”.


ApPello provides a framework for integrating information, people and processes across organizational boundaries. Customers and partners are digitally connected and empowered to create value. Independent from location and device people are allowed to contribute to content in a de-centralized manner.

The Platform increases operational efficiency as more customers access banking services via mobile device. The AppDP supports customer journey on any channel, device or on any browser.

Thanks to our Omnichannel approach there is a single cost of maintaining on-line and mobile banking applications. These can be quickly deployed in environment and device sensitive ways.


ApPello Private Digital Platform caters for new-to-bank customers during the early stage of client on-boarding. AppDP connects customer facing elements, such as Facebook with mobile banking. AppDP is available with enhanced data management functionalities to fuel data-driven decision making.

User Experience

ApPello Digital Platform allows the access to data in only three clicks, icons and preset colors help the navigation in the menu structure. The inbuilt drag&drop technology increases the user experience and reduces the time spent on development. AppDP gives potential to create smart application design with interactive, fully customizable charts for the best visualization.

Full Flexibility

By using the Flexibility Toolset, an experienced platform administrator can define the system’s layout as well as its dynamic behaviour. The application’s flexibility does reduce the project’s TCO, because the Bank doesn’t need the help of the supplier to modify the business logic.

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Screen design

ApPDP has customizable, modifiable screens combined with variable display features. Fields are intelligent and customizable, addition of new fields is possible with a simple drag&drop movement, the display location of new fields can also be set in a couple of clicks. Validation and flexible error handling is available by the screen design.

Rule editor

ApPDP operates with an integrated graphical editor (decision tables) for simple rules, in case of more complex rules, these can be set with a user friendly code editor (MVEL). Calculations, validations, decision points and user rights are also rule based in the system.

Process engine

ApPDP contains a fully parameterized business data life cycle manager where the simple processes can be defined. To support complex processes, ApPDP can be connected to an external workflow engine. The KPI reports provided by the workflow engine can serve as basis of further process optimization intentions. The flexible connection between state machine and work flow engine ensures that processes are inserted into the system can be deployed with only one click.


AppDP supports all standard interface connections. It can be easily integrated to the avalaible architecture and connected to the legacy systems. The visualisation layer can be added to a portal or to the existing front-end layer as well.

Omnichannel approach

AppDP uses the flexibility toolset to create native mobile applications which meet the latest requirements of omnichannel operation criteria. The main benefits of the system are flexibile customization, easy deployment (with only one click) and the fact that one mobile application can serve as many business solutions as the user wants.

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