ApPello at Debt Collection & Sales Conference in Prague

ApPello will be Platinum sponsor and speaker of the upcoming Debt Collection & Sales Conference organized by Smith Novak.

The conference will take place on 21 March in the Angelo Hotel, Prague. The topics of the event are the most current issues of the Czech debt market where always new players entering and legislation and technologies are constantly changing. Debt Collection & Sales will encourage key leaders and experts to discuss and analyze the status of this important market.

Participants can hear more about Collections processes, the effect of GDPR on the market and also the possibilities of the replacement of call center operators with artificial intelligence in the future. Participants will be able to hear inspiring case studies from the Czech Republic and abroad concerning investment in receivables and their yields.

Responses to new regulations and legislation will be lectured by representatives of leading Czech banking houses, non-banking institutions, collection agencies, technology companies and other specialists, including János Hoós, Chief Consulting Officer of ApPello.

Come and join us at the conference!


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