ApPello at ZF Bankers Summit 2018

ApPello is proud to be one of the sponsors of the 7th edition of the ZF Bankers summit’18, the most important conference in the banking system in Romania. The Summit brings again to the audience the leaders of the main Romanian banks, ranging from presidents, vice-presidents to division directors, alongside the NBR, consultants, entrepreneurs, technology and communications companies to discuss the state of the banking system, the main market trends and future projects.
 After the difficult times of the crisis and the clearing of bank balances, banks are beginning to enjoy again a period of growth but not uniform. Any growth obtained by a bank may mean a minus to another bank, given that the number of companies is the same, and the businesses, especially the Romanian ones, grow quite hard.

 Moreover, prudence and reluctance on the part of banks and companies to provide loans and develop new investment projects, respectively, are the words of order that influence the activity of banks every day.

Come and meet us at the event!


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