ApPello at Portfolio Banking Technology

This will be the third year when Banking Technology conference – organized by Portfolio – will be held, to discover the hottest topics of the Hungarian banking sector.

ApPello is one of the sponsors of the event where leading bank executives, the biggest IT suppliers and top regulators can discuss the digital transition at depth. The transition may be aided by robotic technologies, artificial intelligence, the blockchain, agile methodology, data mining and electronic signatures.

The upcoming instant transfer system will be a serious competitor to cash payments and existing electronic payment solutions, and it could lead to hugely increased payment volumes and revenues for banks. To make the most of this, banks will need the right services and the right pricing. Moreover, we never know when Facebook, AliPay or Amazon might enter the Hungarian market with a free mobile payment solution. Even though the PSD2 directive has been in effect since January, the first new players will not enter the market before this fall due to supplementary regulations. We will also talk about how banks and their challenges are preparing for these changes.

ApPello’s CEO, Vér Béla will present about lending digitization practices.

Come and meet us at the event!


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