ApPello at the 2nd Annual Retail Banking Technologies Summit in Vienna

ApPello will be speaker and sponsor of the 2nd edition of Retail Banking Technologies Summit in Vienna, on the 20-22 of February 2018.

New technologies make it easier for retail banks to attract and engage customers in a range of environments. As banks use these technologies to transform customer experiences across their product and service offerings, they can benefit in other ways as well. But in this ever changing era of globalization, digitization and innovation there are new technologies emerging often than ever. Recent technology has entirely reshaped the way retail banking operates both on the customer-facing side, as well as how decisions are made and executed internally. 2nd Annual Retail Banking Technologies Summit is designed to provide you with a remarkable opportunity to learn about prevailing frameworks and trends from experienced senior level decision makers – including ApPello’s presenter, János Hoós, Chief Consulting Officer – who will share their thought and learnings on topics regarding technologies, digitization and innovation in retail banking. This creates a unique opportunity to face their opinions, experience, and moreover, to benchmark their know-how.

Come and meet us at the event!


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