The Digital Lending Platform

We provide Financial Institutions with Digital Lending Platform and Core Banking System that reacts to changing environment


Digital Onboarding & Lending Portal
ApPello Digital Onboarding and Lending Portal helps financial institutes to attract, onboard and retain their customers in an ever-changing business environment while increasing operational efficiency.
Digital Loan Origination
The ApPello Loan Origination System is able to cover the whole loan process from the first customer request until the disbursement and also offers a perfect solution in case of Retail (including mortgage, unsecured and consumer finance) or non-retail (Corporate and SME) segments.
Decision Engine
Speed up and automate your decisions! The ApPello Decision Engine is a segment and product-independent solution that can handle various business-related decisions in a centralised platform, even the complex ones. With ApPello Decision Engine you can easily add and update business-specific logic for any decisions. This allows you to react fast to the challenges of the turbulent banking environment with minimum risk and cost while your sensitive knowledge stays in-house. The solution can handle pre-screening, classical scoring, monitoring, collection and any additional decision points.


Digital Loan Management
ApPello’s Digital Loan Management System automates end to end loan lifecycle processes right from creation of loan products, to disbursements until termination of the loan. The platform built of a state of the art technology provides the flexibility required to manage simple retail & SME loans to complex corporate loans efficiently. The application automates bank’s administration tasks, manages all the transactions related to the loan seamlessly resulting in greater customer experience and reduction in costs.
Digital Core Banking
ApPello Core Banking System is an open and unified core banking solution for optimizing the back-office processes to be more efficient. The heart of the solution: Current account maintenance, Saving Accounts and Loan account management is complemented by ApPello Digital Platform (Loan risk and process management) and various third party solutions. Thanks to its modularity and scalability and openness the ApPello Core Banking System is comprehensive and fully configurable. It is available on premise or cloud.
Loan Collateral Management
The ApPello Collateral Management tool provides transparency of collaterals and coverage on client, segment or portfolio level. The solution supports all loan collateral related activities: activation, processing, optimal allocation to exposure.
Real Estate Valuator
ApPello Real Estate Valuator is a workflow engine driven application to support the evaluation of the real estates and movables. 8+ different type of workflows and 5 different valuation methods supports the appraisals’ on-site and back-office processes.
Digital Trade Finance
ApPello Trade Finance System is designed to support all events in connection with export or import letters of credit, letters of guarantee and documentary and clean collections. The system has wide range of customer Front End and Back end capabilities.
Digital Debt Collection
Are you afraid of the rise of non performing loans (increasing NPL ratio) in the near future? Do you think your Bank’s collection processes should be more effective?

ApPello Digital Debt Collection system might help you to overcome your soft and hard (legal) collection issues.
Early Warning & Monitoring
This module is responsible for checking the terms & conditions of contracting and disbursement among others and for early identification of future non-performance.


Who We Are

ApPello is a leading digital lending software platform vendor that has been providing end to end solutions from origination, servicing to collection solutions for over 20 years. We have developed a state-of-the-art digital platform called ApPello Digital Platform, which is currently one of the most powerful and prevailing in Europe.
We have based all our software offerings on ApPello Digital Platform. Digitalisation and digital transformation of lending processes with the use of latest technology is the core value of ApPello. ApPello’s principle is to develop customer centric solutions that not only meet the business requirements,
but can also be easily configured by business users independent of IT team. ApPello offers it’s digital lending platform primarily as SaaS. On-premises offering is also possible on request.
Béla Vér
Chief Executive Officer
Tamás Babér
Project and Support Director
András Tóth
Head of Business Analysis
János Szilágyi
Head of PMO
Máté Hidvégi
Head Of Development
Gergely Ambrovics
Head of UX & Marketing
Orsolya Anda
Sales & Marketing Representative
Jan Herian
Business Development Manager


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