The Digital
Lending Platform

We provide Financial Institutions with Digital Lending Platform and Core Banking System that reacts to ever-changing banking IT environment


ApPello Loan Origination solutions
support the whole loan process from customer onboarding loan
application to highly-automated decision making and disbursement.


No matter if you are just starting your lending business or already are an established loan provider, ApPello’s solutions covers all possible need from your bank’s clients in every size, from retail to large corporate.


ApPello debt collection solutions have brought the opportunity to manage and monitor the complete workout portfolio from the very first phone call until the closure and legal processes within only one, well-balanced application.


What can ApPello
do for you?

ApPello is a leading digital lending software platform vendor that has been providing end-to-end solutions from origination, servicing to collection solutions for over 20 years. We have developed a state-of-the-art digital platform called ApPello Digital Lending Platform, which is currently one of the most powerful and prevailing in Europe.

We have based our software offerings on ApPello Digital Lending Platform. Digitalisation and digital transformation of lending processes with the use of latest technology is the core value of ApPello.

ApPello’s principle is to develop customer centric solutions that not only meet the business requirements,
but can also be easily configured by business users independent of IT team. The Digital Lending Platform is provided primarily as SaaS solution.

On-premises offering is also possible on request.

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Expert Voice


Agile we are? - Vol 2.

János Szilágyi

Agile best practices by ApPello: based on our experience, some of our proven methodologies and tips that can ease the client’s job as well.

Expert Voice


Agile we are?

János Szilágyi

“Nobody becomes agile by throwing about buzzwords like ‘tribe’ and ‘squad’ while members of the team cannot bear responsibility and don’t dare come to a decision”
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Expert Voice


VS Cloud - vol. 3

Máté Hidvégi

“Not one single bank is capable of complying 100% with every regulatory expectation at every moment. On the one hand, this is not in doubt so we must always strive for the fullest possible compliance”
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Expert Voice


VS Cloud - vol. 2

Máté Hidvégi

“If too many microservices are built into the system, the added complexity can actually work against efficiency. Too much cross-referencing can slow communication, complicate and extend testing, and overload the system”

Our Customers'

Industry leaders on Appello

Working with ApPello, we’re building a credit infrastructure that allows us to maintain our market leadership position and grow our business.
Executive Director,
Deputy CEO IT & Operating, Erste Bank

We needed a partner that could support our systems consolidation initiative in order to fuel our regional growth strategy. We selected ApPello’s Digital Collateral and Valuator Platform because of its rich, tried & tested and specialist lending knowledge, rather than develop a system in-house or partner with other core system vendors. We greatly appreciate ApPello’s innovative approach of the delivered products, we believe we have got long term partnership with ApPello.

Erste Bank

ApPello is a long term, trusted partner, that we could always count on.

Head of Global Banking Services,
UniCredit Bank

With the shift towards supply chain finance from traditional trade, increasing compliance requirements, and accelerated expectations from corporate clients, UniCredit Bank Hungary required to deliver new capabilities and products at speed. We found ApPello as a strong and innovative partner in this. The solution delivered was an important enabler to increase the trade finance revenues significantly by automation and scaling up our business.
Alongside the Trade Finance automation, Early warning & Monitoring system supports proactive management of our credit portfolio, with that contributing ultimately to the excellent quality of our credit portfolio.
We have seen highest delivery standards and continuous drive for customer satisfaction evidenced in all our interactions.

UniCredit Bank