Collateral Management

ApPello Collateral Management System is our principal solution, having achieved numerous installations at the top 10 banks in the C&EE region.

Our clients achieved a significant reduction in collateral processing cost, in IT maintenance cost and savings in capital requirement. The system has 12 years of development history in 4 major versions, incorporating key learnings and experience of our customers.
The Collateral Management System has an integrated Real Estate Evaluator module which contains a calculation engine and available on desktop and on mobile devices as well.

Key Features
  • full collateral life cycle process support
  • Highly optimized allocation algorithm
  • Graphical user interface
  • Configurable business rules
  • Easy-to-extend collateral catalogue

1 workflow based collateral management

Our collateral solution guides the user through the business process. Solution opens customized screens based on user profile, controls data quality and consistency, sends e-mail notifications or pop-up warnings.

2 Visualized Collateral Structures for Additional Sales Potential

The system visualizes collateral structures and allocation results on the customer level. This graphic appearance also helps execute new releases, replacement of a collateral or adding new loan. All client interaction can be monitored from the front office, which helps recognize extra needs above the existing collaterals.

3 Intelligent Allocation

The allocation (with a built-in methodology) sets priority of exposures based on risk indicators (primarily PD and LGD), while priority of collateral asset depends on its liquidity. Optimization is possible for provision and/or capital as well. The allocation runs with refreshed exposure risk values and revaluated collateral asset values at the end of every day for the whole portfolio. The algorithm can be started on-the-fly.
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